Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin? [Etsy goods]

it's no secret that Sean is the cook in our home. now, let's not be confused... I CAN cook, and I'm actually a good cook... I just don't prefer to, especially when there's another willing person to do the dirty work. 

in order to become more of a big girl good wife, I've been helping out in the kitchen more. I mentioned in this post that I even made a majority of our Christmas dinner dishes, which was a huge accomplishment for me, being that it was my first holiday meal. 

I've been rotating with Sean on cooking duty at home, and even picked up the ingredients to make a few special things at home as well. Saturday evening, I'll be making Sean his favorite meal as a belated birthday gift, chicken Parmesan.

ANYWHOZITS. the whole point of this post is that now that I'm a big girl pro master chef and all, I needs to get myself a supah cute apron to wear around my house when I'm making those complicated dinners and desserts. HA!

where else did I perform my search, but the lovely, oh so helpful, Etsy. 
behold... and help me choose!

(if you've been here a while, this fabric may look familiar... 
it's the same as my camera strap!)

so, tell me readers... 
what does your apron look like? is it a half or a full? is it sleek and sophisticated or girly and full of ruffles? also, what do you put in the pocket? keep any goodies in there that I should know about?


  1. I have both half and full ones, and they are all very girly and ruffly! I love the "baker's delight" one you posted!

  2. That first one screams Mandee to me!

  3. those are pretty awesome! i didn't think of getting one for myself but got one for Hannah because we love to bake....i mean i can cook too but lets be are sometimes better:) show us the goods and the yum whenever you cook...i always have my camera on the counter....bryan thinks i'm crazy but i swear my blog will be nothing but food one day! enjoy fancy face:)


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