Thursday, October 28, 2010


- this website has seriously allowed me to get through work this week without physically harming any of my coworkers. the only bad part is that I find myself laughing REALLY loudly at work, which totally gives it away. it's not a new site or anything, but I just started reading the newest posts, and therefore nearly peeing myself with laughter.

- I need a pair of brown boots to survive through the winter add to my ever growing boot collection, preferably leather ones, that are almost knee high. maybe even with a buckle or a cuff or some other cute detail. Sean says we're not allowed to do any shopping for ourselves until Christmas, which I find extremely difficult. if you'd like to donate to my boot fetish, I wear a size 9. in fact, these are perfect.

via 6pm

- speaking of Christmas, who has two thumbs and has just about completed her Christmas shopping? THIS GIRL. I only have two gifts left to get, and I will be finished! I really wanted to get a head start this year, so I asked around for suggestions early on and got that shit under control. I'm crazy when it comes to Christmas shopping, and I make myself an Excel spreadsheet to track everything. nerd up. 

- I need a weekend of nothingness. we I have had plans at least one day out of the weekend since fucking JULY. seriously, I could name what I did, and every single weekend included some kind of plans OTHER than me being a lazy bitch and not leaving my house for at least 24 hours. I need a weekend like that, but unfortunately, it looks as though we currently have plans for every weekend until around December. (Halloween, Daniel Tosh, Zoo Walk, tattoo appointment, Penn State game, Thanksgiving, etc). not that I'm not excited about every one of those events, because I am, but I just want a break. 

- I have a post that I started writing back in July about friendship. I need to add to it, without going into too much personal detail. I need to really vent and get some serious feelings out, even though I don't really consider myself to be a serious type blogger. even when I finish it, I'm not sure if I'll post it or not. I'd like to say I'm afraid I'll offend someone, but at this point, I really don't give two shits. not just one shit, TWO shits. 

- I'm halfway through Pillars of the Earth, and I'm loving it. I can't wait to pick up World Without End. I also can't wait to get all the books I put on my Christmas wish list, which includes the Hunger Games Trilogy. 

- it has now been 16 days since I became a non-smoker. while I was with friends on Saturday evening (and drinking), I bummed a few to smoke, but that's been my only slip up. the good thing though, is that they tasted disgusting to me, and I really only craved them because I was drinking alcohol. 

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