Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Photo Hunt | Children

I had the opportunity to take tons of great pictures during my trip to Blacksburg, Virginia this weekend. I stayed in McCoy with my cousin, who just happens to have two children, Peyton (two and a half) and Ella (six months).

for the October Photo Hunt Challenge, I'm choosing this picture of Peyton. I took this at my great-aunt's house, where family members from all over gathered for their annual apple butter making adventure. he was eating an apple, freshly picked two days prior.

it was so great to spend time with my family, especially the kids. I haven't seen Peyton in over a year, and it's crazy how much he's grown - physically AND mentally. he is so smart for a two and a half year old, and I can only hope that I'm a great mom like my cousin one day.

stay tuned for more Photo Hunt posts!


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