Tuesday, September 28, 2010

random thoughts

my random thought posts are always popular, and I've sure as hell got plenty of them, so why not?

also. I may or may not have already taken my Ambien... along with a swig of NyQuil to silence my cough.

don't judge me. I need sleep. Mandee need sleep! you woke my sleep! I been sleep! (extra points for reference)


lately I've just been wearing my wedding band, without my engagement ring. I don't know why, I just took my rings off one night to put lotion on, and since then, I've just been wearing the band. I like the way it looks. it's nice and simple but still puts out the message of "hey motherfucker, I'm married." not that I ever really need to explain that, cause I really don't get hit on a lot. whatev. 


I wish Mama Cat could be just a little more cooperative when it comes to taking her antibiotics. first of all, I have to give her ear drops... 4-5 of them... in EACH ear. not fun. and on top of that, I have to give her an antibiotic ORALLY every 24 hours.

this bitch is the biggest pain in the ass to get a hold of, especially when she knows I'm going to hold her down and force drops in her ears and pills in her throat. I don't know how people do it on a regular basis, I really don't.

I mean I can barely hold on to her strong ass, let alone hold her and THEN force a pill down her throat... which mostly leads to her spitting it back out and running away. luckily, she's taking a trip to the vet on Thursday for a follow up, so maybe they'll be able to show me an easier way to make this shit happen. or just wave a magic wand. that would work too.


I'm spending way too much time at the computer lately. I spent forever (yes, literally... forever) on Facebook last night and tonight trying to upload all those damn pictures. and now I'm here blogging about shit that doesn't even matter, all because I have the urge to write. does that make sense to anyone? I'm pretty loopy from the medicine I took, but I still feel like I have something to write about. 


I am super pumped about this weekend. I'm driving out to Denton on Saturday to finally get my sleeve completed. I plan on bringing the Rebel so I can get some shots of Black Anchor's Tattoo Shop. I love the location of their shop... it's in the "downtown" area of Denton, which basically consists of like 3 streets lined with old ass buildings. 

I can't wait to have my sleeve done so I can stop telling people "yes, there is going to be color" and "no, I'm not leaving it black and grey, and even if I did leave it black and gray, I don't understand this 'gothic' reference you're making to me right now." 

yeah, that happened today. some dude my dad knew back in the day came into our office and was drilling me about tattoos... asking what each of them were for, and then said "so, are you into gotchic?" what? I don't even understand what that means. I feel like I should have been offended, but I really just wanted to laugh. I just said "hmm, nope, not that I know of."


I'm definitely not going to remember writing any of this tomorrow. sip on that. 

oh wait, there's an unsuspecting Mama Cat snuggling next to me. time to give her the pill! yippeeee, this should be fun! see you bitches tomorrow! 


  1. try rubbing her throat. I'm not sure about cats, but it makes dogs swallow and helps me know that the pill wont later be found on the floor somewhere

  2. extra points go to me - bad girls club biiiiiitch! ;]

    'i may or may not have taken ambien' hahahaha!

    here's my random thought - kullen is running circles around the dining room table, as content as can be .. i wonder if i'm a bad mom for blogging instead of playing with him - although he seems to have found a nice activity to enjoy! haha


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