Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mod Cloth favorites [picture heavy]

I was inspired by Jess @ LittleMsSunshine to write this post about an incredibly popular vintage online clothing (and accessories, AND decor) store, Mod Cloth. much like Jess, I've admired their clothing from afar for a very long time, but have never pulled the trigger in buying anything. I may have to change that as I peruse around the site a little today. consider this my ModCloth wish list! ;)


please keep in mind that this list doesn't even include accessories OR home decor items. I'm an accessory and decor LOVAH, so I think that I may have to create a separate wish list for all that. also, there's some really cute skirts on there as well, but I look like shit in skirts and I can never figure out how to style them. anyway... how CUTE are those clothes? the story behind Mod Cloth is so fun and interesting... check it out here

believe it or not, I am not being compensated to rave about Mod Cloth's products (although, maybe I should be), nor do they even know about this post.

Happy Tuesday! 

PS - I already had a little online shopping spree at Charlotte Russe on Friday evening... they were having a huge Labor Day sale (still!) and I got about 20 items for only $153.00 - including plain layering tanks for $1.50! I'll do a post later this week with my finds!

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  1. Look at you! :D LOVE the clothes you picked. Maybe we need to start a weekly series "Wednesday Wishes" where we can post what we happen to love this week at ModCloth! That site is so terrible yet SO amazing :D

    I must own that bird dress. Plus boots, brown tights, scarf, and cardie in the fall? YES PLEASE! (I'm an accessories whore)


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