Monday, September 27, 2010

the beach = love [picture heavy]

pictures from our August anniversary trip to Ocean City! 

being artsy fartsy on our mini road trip. 

 I wish I knew who voted Ocean City "America's Finest Family Resort" and WHEN.

my standard summer mixer - Malibu and pineapple juice. NOM.

pretty shells hanging in our condo. 

our view from the balcony. 

sunrise on the morning of our anniversary. <3

 on the beach exactly one year after we were married. also, I loved how that suit fit and looked, but I did NOT enjoy sand getting in places where sand does not belong.

 my handsome and I on our anniversary.

 buds since 7th grade. we've pretty much been best friends for half our lives.

kids and their birthday card they made for Lacie.

 Orange Crushes to celebrate Kaycie's birthday.

get. in. my. belly.

seriously, how fucking hot is he?

 to wash down the dranks.

 we bought matching shirts. they say "Squeeze Me. I'm Juicy." thank you, Harborside.

 footsie tattoo.

 the moment I realized I should have invested in life insurance. 

 pumped! he loved it!

 on our way to the boardwalk.

 WANT THESE. Christmas is coming! 

oldies of the boardwalk. 

 Kohr Bros Ice Cream.

 feeling purdy for our date night to Hooper's Crab House. 

 yes, please.

 clouds. <3

 sun. <3

 oh, that's just Sean completely WHOOPING MY ASS in rummy 500. fucker.

 where we ended our fabulous vacation. noms.


I don't want to post every single picture I took from the trip, but there are some fun ones I skipped so that I could elaborate on them a little more tomorrow. I'm just too tired to mess with all that tonight. there's a sleeping Bear next to me and a Mama Cat who needs to be tracked down and given antibiotics. 

ah, the life of a crazy cat lady. <3
wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Love these photos! You are getting really good with your camera. Not that your photos before were bad, but these just look extra artistic!

  2. Love the pics Mandee! Looks like you guys had a great time!


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