Wednesday, July 28, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

I totally hijacked this cute little survey from Alaina @ misc.alain.eous - from all the way back in 2008! I was going through and reading her archives (because I'm a stalker like that, and I want to look at her pups), and thought it was fun, so I stole that shit. except I decided to do it with pictures. feel free to take it and do the same! :)

all pictures courtesy of Google Images. because I'm lazy.

Number :

Letter : 

Color :

Day :

Month :

Drink :

Candy :

Ice Cream :

Season :

Movie :

Animal :

Item of Clothing :

Word :

Place :

Holiday : 

Smell :

Shoes :  

Gum : 

Nail polish color : 

School subject : 

Snack : 

Candy bar : 

Food to cook : 

Soda : 

Hobby :

Flower :

Tree :

Fruit :


Vegetable :

Spice : 

Quote : 

"Fear is not the absence of courage, but the triumph over it" - Nelson Mandela


  1. Cute. Are you aware that you can get Cherry Garcia...on a stick...and dipped in chocolate?! To die for!

  2. lmao...and I thought I was the only person whose favourite animal was a hippo. I keep trying to convice the hubster that it would be totally doable to have one as a pet!

  3. holy shit. whatever you do, DO NOT tell me where to buy Cherry Garcia on a stick, because my trainer will literally kick my ass.

    and regarding the hippo... why aren't we best friends? we could live together in harmony with baby hippos and walk around saying "fuck this noise" all day!

  4. Love those flip flops! And the hippos are great :)

  5. This post is such much better in photos!! Love your favorite drink, and the shoes are too cute!


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