Tuesday, May 18, 2010

on the hunt...

remember back when I was obsessed with this bench from Pottery Barn? and remember when I found a very similar bench for half the price at Target? remember how excited I was and how it was going to be ohsoperfect in my entryway?

well, it still would. except Target is completely sold out of said bench and I cannot find anything I love as much, other than the mucho expensive PB version. I've searched Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, etc. I simply haven't come across anything that tickles my fancy as much as that beaut up there in the picture.

so, I'm asking you readers to help a sister out. here are my requirements: it must be dark wood, but not black. it must have a cushion on the top (preferably 3 separate cushions, but I'd take one longer one too), and it must have wicker/woven baskets in the storage area underneath. yes, I'd take a plain old wooden bench if it meant I could buy the baskets and cushions from somewhere else, but I 'd rather have the whole package with one swipe of the credit card, knowwhatImean?

I have this row of numbered hooks from PB will be hung above the bench, and it's dark wood... otherwise I'd be fine with a black or white bench. I love the gold on the knobs.

I've also got these antique keys, which will be hanging on the opposite wall among some frames that I'm going to arrange.

please please please let me know in the comments below if you've seen something similar to my dream bench! Target is supposed to email me when they get the bench in stock, and I'll wait until they do before I buy something I really don't love, but if someone else can find a good comparison, I'm all about it. I'd really like for this room to come together, and it's not complete until I have a bench!

thanks in advance, gals!


  1. How about this?

  2. ohhh I'm just seeing this, but I LOVE that bench! I might have to check it out in store! thanks!


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