Tuesday, March 30, 2010

riddle me this

I have an irrational fear of being hit by flying objects... more specifically, baseballs and hockey pucks at sporting events. I'm also one of those idiots who, when seeing a flying object coming towards my windshield, I duck. inside my car. where the flying item cannot touch me.

I'm pretty sure that I'm -----><----- this close to having a heart attack every time the Caps play. including right now.

I have a pimple popping addiction. it's gross, I know, but I can't help it. sometimes I rub Mr. MandeeFoFandee's back just to feel for bigguns that I can squeeze. it also helps that he squirms like a little girl every time I get a good one.

when people talk to me about their kids, I automatically think of a similar story I could tell involving my cats. I always compare their kids' actions to something my cat(s) did at one point in time. I'm always telling people about stupid shit my cats do, and how hilarious it was. I don't think anyone really gets it but me, haha.

I am completely and utterly freakedthefuckout by fruit flies.

alright, that's all I got right now. the Caps game is gettin' serious and I need to pay attention. night, bitches!


  1. fruit flies make me squirm. i duck when i see them flying towards me. because that's going to save me or something.

    i also tell stupid stories about my cats and compare them to peoples kids. i wonder what it will be like when we have kids of our own someday. i don't think anyone but me cares that last night, my cat did a complete back flip because she scared herself so badly from my shoes. yup, my shoes.

  2. Bahaha, Paul does that about pimple popping to me. He pretends to rub my back or whatever but he's just looking for them! Hahahah!

  3. Too funny! I totally understand he kid/cat thing - I do the same thing thinking about our dogs.

  4. I defintely do the same thing re: kid/pet conversations. Charlie (my pupster) is treated like a super spoiled kid around here.


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