Thursday, March 4, 2010

another reason to love the blogging world...

you can win free stuff! I was notified this morning that I am the winner of Suzanne's (@ sunshine and wine) first ever giveway! I'm so, so, so excited - I never win anything! so thank you, Suzanne, for turning my hellish work week into a good one! :D

and now, for the reveal of my winnings. these two gorgeous pillows from will be new members of my household pretty soon. I have no idea where I'm going to put them, as I have not a touch of blue decor in my house... but maybe this will motivate me to get out of my green kick. ;)

aren't they gorg? love, love, LOVE!

feel free to stalk Suzanne over at her place and check out her amazing design and decorating skills. her newly redone dining room is SO pretty - lots of feminine touches, including a beautiful capiz chandelier and new window treatments!

thanks again, Suzanne! and now that you have my address, feel free to peek in my windows at night all creepy like.

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  1. that's badass! i love winning stuff, but it rarely happens to me either..i think the last important thing i won was an iPod nano at my old job's company christmas party. i've been a loser ever since..


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