Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge!

today I'm participating in the Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Sherry & John of Young House Love, Katie Bower of Bower Power, Emily Henderson (yes, theeeeeee HGTV's Design Star winner), and Lana of Making a House a Home

I was super excited when YHL announced the challenge last week (with a hilarious video you should definitely watch), as I knew already that I had a handful of projects to submit, since about 75% of my ideas for Kaley's baby sprinkle originally came from Pinterest

Pinterest is so great for finding inspiration for... clothing, home decor, DIY projects, and even baby showers! I took a couple of the ideas that I found (and then subsequently pinned in my 'Rhys Baby Shower Ideas' board and turned them into real DIY projects. 

on Friday, I blogged about the projects that I was working on that were inspired by Pinterest finds. let's see how they turned out! 

#1 - veggie dippers from here

this one was super easy. all I had to do was buy a bunch of plastic cups, fill the bottom with ranch dip, and throw in some speared veggies (I used celery, carrots, and cucumber). next time I will probably use shorted cups, because once you took a bite of the veggie, it was too short to double dip. here's how they turned out:

[photo courtesy of Kaley]

another easy copy-cat project. it was just a matter of finding the actual mason jars, and filling them with lemonade. as much as I would have loved to make my own lemonade, I took the easy/lazy route and used Minute Maid canned lemonade, and then Kaley added a slice of fresh lemon to each jar. combined with the blue & teal stripey straws though, this little detail left a great impression with our guests! 

#3 - marshmallow pops from here

I'm happy to report that these little sugary goodies were a huge success. making them was pretty easy, and after a little practice with the Karo syrup (which I used in place of melted chocolate), I got them done fairly quickly. 

the process was simple - place the lollipop stick in the marshmallow, dip the marshmallow in Karo syrup (and wipe off the excess on the side of a cup or towel), and then sprinkle with blue sugar sprinkles. they ended up sticking together during travel, but they still looked and tasted wonderful. 

#4 - candy buffet as seen here 
(and a million other places). 

I'm so happy I decided to do this - it looked really nice and brought the colors together like I wanted them to.  the candy buffet had rock candy (blue & green), blueberry candy sticks, M&Ms of different colors, chocolate covered pretzels, and of course, the marshmallow pops. I also provided goodie bags for the guests to take candy home in, which came in handy for those sticky marshmallow pops too! ;) 

[photo courtesy of Kaley]
[photo courtesy of Kaley]

#5 - onesie decorating from here

as I mentioned in yesterday's post, this didn't really turn out as well as I had hoped it would, but we did get a couple decorated onesies that I know Kaley is happy to have! the kids really loved this idea because it was like arts & crafts for them, which definitely made me relieved. I'm glad that some people used the fabric to create different patterns and shapes! unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the final products. 

[photo courtesy of Kathy]

#6 - cupcake toppers inspiration from here

these ended up being one of my favorite DIY projects for the shower. I just used a scallop punch, and then I traced the shape of a onesie (from a cookie cutter, no less) onto different patterned card stock. glued them together and then onto a craft stick, and voila! 

whew! I think that's everything! obviously, a lot of the decoration ideas came from Pinterest as well (like the poms and the banners and pennants), but I didn't really make those based on specific pins that I found... more so just from my own head of ideas. I will definitely be using Pinterest for many more DIY projects in the future! don't forget to check out the other projects listed at the hosting blogs above! 

have you constructed anything lately that was inspired by something you saw on Pinterest? 


  1. Those onesies are so cute. I love that idea. How perfect for a baby shower!

    I have three friends expecting, and I am totally gonna use this project. THanks!

    Also, My name is Whitney, and I also have a blog... www.loveinhabit.com

    I would love it if you would follow me, I have a goal to get 100 followers by 2012.

    Nice to meet you, and hope to see you online again soon!


  2. I love all of this! So cute!

    At my shower we decorated onesies and that was probably one of my favorite gifts to date for the baby.

  3. Talk about a sweet tooth! I"m just dying for a cupcake!

  4. Wow, look at all your projects! Those onesie cupcake picks are the absolute cutest!!

  5. what an amazing party. I LOVE all the details!

  6. My sister just threw me a baby shower and found most of her ideas on Pinterest. Like you we had so many compliments and it was a lot of fun.


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