Thursday, June 9, 2011

things that grow, and then get eaten.

these pictures are a few weeks old, but I wanted to prove to you that my thumb isn't as black as I thought it would be. I've never really planted anything (outside of the gardening I helped my dad with as a child), so I was thrilled to see my herbs pop up. you probably recognize the pots from Crate & Barrel... noted in this post



I'll have to take some updated pictures this weekend, because these babies are growing like CRAZY now! we should be able to actually use the herbs in a few weeks!


speaking of growing things... I stole a little baby plant from my dad's ginormous spider plant (I don't know the real name... I've just always called it a spider plant) he keeps at work. actually, he has a few of them that are all descendants of a single root that I brought home from a field trip in the 2nd grade. that's right... this plant is technically almost 20 years old! 

anyway. I brought home a single little plant and transferred it to a new pot and then placed it outside. unfortunately, we got a lot of rain around that time, and it was looking a little weary, so I made the decision to bring it inside and place it in a window for maximum sunlight. usually I take all the plants up to unreachable places during the day so that the cats don't mess with them, but I must have forgotten to do so with this one. I woke up one morning and saw little plant tips all over the floor. guess I learned my lesson with that one. 

in case you're wondering, this little girl is back outside (the plant, not the cat) so that she can grow peacefully without being EATEN, but she still looks a little rough around the edges, especially with this heat wave we've been experiencing! 


and here are some pretty ranauculus blooms I picked up a few weeks ago. I love ranauculus season. swoon. 


and since this post is all about things that grow, here's my little kitten Chia Pet that my lovely father-in-law bought me for Christmas. I think he thought it was a joke gift, but I actually really love it! haha... go figure! :)

Happy Thursday! 


  1. I am glad I am not the only one whose cats chew up their houseplants! I bought a cactus once, hoping they'd leave it alone, but they managed to chew it to bits! Ch-ch-ch-chia!

  2. Those flower petals are so soft!

  3. Beautiful soft clusters of yellow petals.

    Rosie from leavesnbloom photography

  4. Fantastic yellows!!! Lovely capture...

  5. Wow!! Those are incredible!

  6. These are all great, love the herbs and the flowers are gorgeous!!

  7. The ranunculus are just gorgeous Mandee!
    I especially love the third one.

  8. Beautiful photos, I love ranauculus. I love the creaminess of the last one!

  9. Great closeup pics! Love the chia pet too. Your FIL should've known that was a cool gift!
    PS-You were tagged in my blog. Check it out :)

  10. Love you ranauculus blooms, so delicate and beautiful. Your cat is really cute!


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