Monday, June 13, 2011

curls without the heat!

so I stumbled upon this video over at La Buena Vida a few weeks ago, and have had this idea in my head ever since. I finally had enough time (and balls) to try it out over the weekend, and uh, folks? 


let me just say that I have thick, very straight hair. like, cannot hold a curl to save it's life. I put it all up in the headband as instructed on the video for a few hours (4ish hours), and took it down. what sprang was a head full of cute curls! I was so excited that 1, I could even pull off curls, and 2, that I didn't have to spend 93846 hours with a curling iron in my hand to get them. 

I got tons of compliments on my hair that evening, so I made sure to tell everyone about this tutorial. 

I took a few pictures of my hair while it was up in the headband... and I actually kinda like it for a hairstyle too, even if Sean told me I looked like Princess Lea (I have no idea if that's the correct spelling or not, sorry). next time, I may try to sleep with my hair in the headband overnight. 

couple thoughts on this technique: 

- definitely wait until your hair is dry or it won't work 
- I spritzed with a little hair spray before & after I yanked out the headband
- I brushed my curls out, but I wish I wouldn't have... I'd rather have the ring curl look
- next time I will try to push the headband up farther towards the top of my head, cause it was kind flat once the curls let loose 
- I will never use a curling iron again

oh, and the after shot:

Happy Monday! 


  1. That looks like it was ridiculously easy, and I'm envious as heck because I do not think that'd work with me...although your struggles with curls but success with this method is promising! I love the look!

  2. I didn't even give myself time to commment after watching this... I just ran into my bathroom to do it! I am soooo excited to see how it turns out!! :)

  3. Too cute! It really does look just as great during as it does after!

  4. It looks so cute! I really like the look of it!! You should post again when you do it without brushing it out - I would love to see that also!

  5. This is awesome! I am so going to try it out!


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